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Supported Holiday

Supported Holiday in France?

  • Small groups in which each individual receives the support they need.
  • A trip providing each person with experiences to remember forever.
  • Specially designed to your requirements.

Here in the regions of Pyrénées - Orientales, Aude, Hérault and the Ariège, we can provide a great opportunity to experience the spectacular mountain scenery and the sunlit landscapes of Languedoc-Roussillon, sprinkled with the delightful architectural heritage of medieval villages and evocative castles perched on rocky out crops and of course the good weather, wonderful food and the fun of being together.

These holidays are especially designed for people with learning difficulties, however we are flexible and can adapt these holidays for others, so if you fancy an arranged group holiday in the south of France, please do not hesitate to contact us.

12 Day Holiday on Campsites or in Gites.

We offer a 12 day holiday, which allows us to stay in two to three very different regions of France.

Holiday in Gite

This is a more relaxed holiday for the older ones. Minimum stay is 7 days but can be extended to 14 days.


Would you like to be a co-worker on one of our trips?

These holidays offer enormous benefits to people leading sheltered lives, stimulating a fascination with the natural world and encouraging enjoyment and confidence in their relationship to others.

We are happy to arrange with you a holiday that has the appropriate balance between activity and relaxation, between organization and freedom, and between recreation and education. We believe that trips such as these, on which young people are enjoying new experiences, will also be of educational value.

Offering a variety of experiences

  • The marvellous scenery, high mountains and deep valleys, sunflower fields and vineyards, forests and the Mediterranean.
  • Exploring caves and castles, discovering Romanesque churches and visiting the colourful village markets.
  • Activities such as swimming, canoeing, walking with donkeys or horse riding.
  • Relaxing after a good meal or just lying back and enjoying the sunshine!
Special Holidays for adults with learning disabilities